who is platypus?

Gilad – Founder & CEO

Starting as a production worker in the family’s chemicals factory, Gilad proved himself and was promoted to many positions, from forklift driver to local shipping manager to production and operation manager. By the age of 24, and after gaining tremendous experience, Gilad started his first degree in plastic and polymer engineering while being part of the R&D team of the family business. Five years later, Gilad moved to the product & brand manager position, experiencing B2B, B2C, and OEM in the bicycle business.
Not long after finishing his Master’s degree in product design and proving himself experienced in several business fields, Gilad decided to combine his experience and knowledge to promote his vision and start Platypus. Gilad’s vision is to minimize humanity’s environmental impact by creating sustainable solutions.


Yair – R&D advisor

Yair grew in the Israeli industry. As an owner and head of the R&D of his adhesives and chemicals factory, Yair gained more than 40 years of experience. Yair’s specialty is unorthodox by combining different raw materials in his developing products. Yair’s role in Platypus is crucial as an expert in material science, processing, connections, and knowledge about various industries and fields.

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