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what is platypus?

Platypus is a one-of-a-kind mammal. The Platypus is the only animal that has so many different features. It is semi-aquatic, egg-laying, venomous, uses electrolocation to sense prey, has a wide tail like a beaver, a beak like a duck, and has thick glowing fur in black light. It might sound like a science fiction creature, but these characteristics are all in one living animal.

Platypus is a one-of-a-kind company. Inspired by the animal, Platypus is a company that combines different aspects of the product life cycle. We believe in integrated design, engineering, ecology, and sustainability. Or, in other words, logical ecodesign.

Platypus enables the chemical industry of pest management to shift to greener solutions and bridge the ecological knowledge gap. We are tailoring a solution to the customer’s needs with an extra value. Platypus is crucial to transitioning to a circular chemical economy.

When we close our eyes, we see the world that can be. We see sustainable agriculture, a healthy environment, restored biodiversity, and no global food shortage.

This is the vision of the Platypus. To revolutionize pest management and enable the transition to a circular chemical economy.



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